Protech Your Business and Save over $500 Instantly!

No commitments. No fees. No BS.

Protech Business Systems, Inc. of Los Angeles, CA. Announces a Remarkable Guarantee for Your Business! Call and Save Over $500 Instantly on Printer / IT Services! 


Here’s how the deal works…Be proactive and never deal with another printer issue again. It’s that simple.

For a limited time only, we’re offering…

  • FREE PRINTER CLEANING ($200 Value) *max 2 printers



In addition to our normal printer cleaning special, we’re offering the free installation of Protech’s MPS (Managed Print Systems). Our MPS is a real-time remote monitoring tool used to offer insight and maximize the efficiency of a company’s printing environment. Think of it as your google analytics tool for your printing / IT network. Once installed, the program displays information for each machine connected to an organization’s network. The 7 Principle MPS Benefits are outlined below:


Ultimately, this allows Protech to improve your business operations in four (4) principal ways;

  1. Ensures that stations with the heaviest print volumes have the proper high-yield equipment for their level of usage,

  2. Cuts down on the need to constantly stock and replace toner or call for service.

  3. Minimizes downtime which allows employees to focus on the task at hand.

  4. The real-time equipment status allows phone support to be more successful.


Once the MPS system has been installed for 6 months Protech is able to run accurate printing reports, calculating information that may lead to further insight to increasing efficiency, performance, and savings. So before your machine turns to the darkside, our Fearless Defenders against the Paper Jam can eliminate down-time before it happens. Imagine that? Never having to deal with another printer issue again. Now, that’s what we like to call,


A word we coined to convey our commitment to maximizing printing efficiency and cost-effectiveness with an unbeatable customer service experience. Our Fearless Defenders of the Paper Jam have made it their responsibility to ensure all workplaces we outfit become eco-conscious environments. Package our MPS with our locally manufactured high-yield toner cartridges that beat big box retailers by an average of 61% and you’re pants will be sagging around your knees from all the money you’ll be saving.

We’ll, maybe not that low, but exactly how much money will your company save on printing costs, toner supplies, and IT service annually by switching to Protech Business Systems? Great question! We’ve estimated the following numbers based on company size and average printer usage;

  • A Large-Size Company (31 – 500 employees): $3000+ Savings Annually

  • A Mid-Size Company (11 – 30 employees): $1500+Savings Annually

  • A Small-Size Company (5 – 10 employees): $500+ Savings Annually

Now, even though we are one-part rocket scientist, we understand no matter the size of your business, at the end of the day, that’s money that can be re-allocated or saved. Bada-bing-bada-boom.  So if you don’t mind paying less and reducing your environmental footprint for competitive quality, make the responsible decision and call today to get “Protechion” and never deal with another printer issue again. Experience peace of mind that your business is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. We guarantee it.


*Privacy Note: Protech’s Print Management System does not pull personal printing data of specific contents being printed.