How Managed Print Systems Uses Predictive Analytics to Boost Business Operations and Save Money


How MPS Uses Predictive Analytics to Boost Business Operations and Save Money

Research indicates that the MPS (managed print services) market will reach nearly $95 billion by 2024. This is not a huge shock since MPS is known to save businesses a lot of money and help them run more efficiently.
An MPS will provide you with the insight you need to get the best toner and equipment for your auto dealership, as well as the security you need to protect your business and all its assets. MPS, such as those offered by Protech Business Systems, uses sophisticated predictive analytics to provide you with everything you need for your auto dealership—everything from teaching you how to buy a printer to showing you how much high yield ink or toner you need for your printer every month.
Here’s how MPS uses predictive analytics to keep your business operations running smoothly and optimally.


Cut Costs While Optimizing Operations

With a printing network that uses MPS, you’ll know which printers aren’t the most efficient, as well as the ones that are always down or in need of constant servicing. This way, you can easily replace them with more efficient printers before they cause serious hiccups in your business operations.
MPS will also provide you with data about who is printing what and how often, so you can optimize your print processes across your business and reduce the number of unneeded documents that are printed. This will reduce the amount of money spent on wasted printing supplies.
You can also utilize real-time usage dashboards and forecasting tools for your network of devices, so you know what you’ll need to pay for long before you need it.
In addition, a sophisticated MPS will release automated updates to your network of devices too, so your printers will always be running with the most current and up-to-date technology available.


Automate Your Needs

Never run out of toner or use an unreliable printer again. When you use an MPS that relies on predictive analytics, like the one Protech Biz System offers, you’ll always know what supplies you need before you run out of them. You can have supplies ordered automatically when the printer indicates that it’s running low on toner or other parts and supplies that it might need.
You also have the option to generate supply and service alerts, or you can run reports about each printer’s usage, so you never have to waste time or money figuring out what you need to order next.
You can even set automatic reminders for when your printer needs to be serviced for routine maintenance, so that the device will alert you when it’s time.
Reduce Environmental Footprint

When your employees are aware of what they need to print and stop unnecessarily wasting both toner and paper, you reduce your business’s negative environmental footprint. With predictive analytics, you’ll have a clear idea of how much you’re printing and will be able to determine where you can reduce your negative environmental footprint across your organization.


Improve Security

An MPS can track user activity and can offer built-in user authentication. Your business can deny anyone access to your printer network or even individual printers, as it sees fit.
In addition, you can encrypt data on your printer network while maintaining secure permissions, so others (even those inside your organization) can’t retrieve or print documents they are not authorized for.
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