Printing and IT Service Options

If you buy a printer from Protech Business Systems, we don’t just send you away with a “Thanks, come again.” Nope, we see it as the beginning of a beautiful long-term partnership, and we can provide you with the supplies and service you need to keep your printer or copier humming along in tip-top condition and keep your office running efficiently. And if you already have equipment, we can fill your printing and copying needs.

What services do we provide?

Ink and Toner Supplies

Whether your printer is ink jet or laser, single color or multicolor, or you have a copier that’s beeping and buzzing all day, Protech Business Systems has the ink and toner you need. Our cartridges are reliable, environmentally friendly, and consistently deliver crisp images you’ll be proud to show your client or the big boss at any meeting or presentation. Canon, Brother, Sharp, HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Kyocera, Dell – we carry ink and toner for all the top brands. And we subject our ink and toner cartridges to testing, including climate and temperature, transportation, and random, off-the-shelf tests. Best of all, you can save over 60% from what you would pay at the big box stores. Your bottom line never looked better.

Sales, Leases, and Rentals

In addition to keeping your equipment in top-notch working condition, we have multi-function copiers, printers and scanners available for purchase, lease, or rent. But we don’t want to just send you out the door with a printer. We’ll discuss your business and your specific printing and copying needs, and then we’ll make some recommendations as to what would be best for you.

IT Services

Our national team of IT specialists provides full technical support for the products we sell, and we can assist you with both on-site network installation and remote monitoring of your equipment.

Our Managed Print Systems (MPS) provides real-time remote monitoring to analyze your equipment and provide data regarding ink/toner levels, consumable parts life, maintenance scheduling, usage, error messages, and regular reports that help to maximize efficiency. MPS accomplishes a number of things:

  • Ensures that stations with the heaviest print volumes have the proper high-yield toner equipment for their level of usage.
  • Which in turn, reduces the need to constantly stock and replace toner or call for service.
  • Minimizes downtime, which allows your entire business to work more efficiently.
  • Makes phone support more effective because of the real-time data provided.

MPS does NOT, however, gather personal data from projects being printed – so you can rest assured of complete privacy. 


We like to call it PROTECHTION. Our Fearless Defenders Against the Paper Jam are always standing at the ready to address your needs, whether it’s paper jams, empty toner cartridges, reducing costs, making your environmental footprint smaller, or simply getting the best out of your print equipment. We offer one-time on-site service calls as well as monthly maintenance programs. Large companies can save over $3,000 annually by taking advantage of our in-depth knowledge and expertise. Protech Business Systems in Los Angeles has over 20 years’ experience in helping businesses with their printing needs.